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Our Services


Out You Go                                             
$20 Weekday/ $25 Weekend 

Our 20 minute check in service is designed to help pet owners get through their busy day.


30 Minute Visit

$25 Weekday / $30 Weekend

Our 30 minute visit is the perfect solution for busy pet owners who need a little extra help giving their furry friend the exercise and the attention they need.

60 Minute Visit
$40 Weekday / $45 Weekend

Our 60 minute visit is perfect for the dogs that need that extra extra exercise or playtime.

Two A Days
$45 Weekday / $55 Weekend

When one just isn't enough!  This service includes Two 30 minute visits.

After Hours

furry friends didn't get the invite? Our rates for services are based on a weekly schedule, with daytime rates from 6am to 6pm and nighttime rates from 6pm-6am (add $5 per service). We understand that every pet owner has unique needs, which is why we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle. 


We understand that holidays hold a special significance for every family. 

we assure you that we will treat your pup as a part of our own family.

kindly note, that an additional charge of $10 per service will be applicable for the following dates:

July 3- July 7

Please call us to discuss your specific needs and to schedule your complimentary meet and greet.


Currently serving the following areas:



Glen Ellyn




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